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7 Reasons to Add Videos to Your Psychotherapy Website

Video Clap BoardWe already know that video marketing and YouTube videos are everywhere.  Have you considered adding this marketing tool to your private practice website yet?  Here are a few reasons why adding video can be an important medium to add to your online marketing arsenal:

  1. Your clients want to know who you are and what you are about.  Video can add that extra layer of information about you that allows the prospective client to begin getting to know you even before they make that initial appointment.  With video, you can deliver a message to your prospective clients, introduce yourself, show them what is important to you, establish credibility, and start the process of allowing your clients to feel secure about taking that initial step toward contacting you.  You need not be an entertainer as you aren't putting on a show. You are merely showing them who you are, and thereby helping them to feel comfortable with you and your therapeutic style. 

  2. Video can help you show emotion that is not otherwise possible in writing.  Humans naturally display and respond to emotion communicated by both verbal and non-verbal cues.   Video content can be much more powerful and meaningful to your prospective client than written material because of the immediate human connection that  video can help facilitate.

  3. People are visual.  Rather than simply reading materials, most people would prefer either verbal instructions or a visual presentation and explanation.   Chances are, given the choice of scanning your written materials or viewing your on-line video posting, your prospective clients will almost always choose the latter, so long as such is available on your website. If there are no videos on your website, many prospective clients will likely decide to peruse the websites of other therapists, your competition, before finally selecting a therapist. Once a prospective client leaves your website, there is a strong chance that he or she may not return.        

  4. Website visitors have short attention spans.  On average, you have less than 1 minute to convince site visitors to stay on your website before they choose to move on to their next option.  In addition, people spend less time reading content on websites than ever before.  Grabbing their attention immediately is now more important than ever.  The longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to become your client.  Video can help accomplish this goal by delivering your message quickly, and video can also complement and strengthen your written content as well.

  5. Search engines like video.  When prospective clients search online for either you specifically or for a therapist with your specialization,  your video could be the first thing they see in their search results as most search engines actually favor search results for websites with videos.

  6. Video can help you stand out.  Prospective clients have choices, and most private practice websites either look the same as the next, say the same thing as the next, don't provide much information at all, or look wordy and overwhelming to a first-time visitor.  Adding video to your website can help you stand out because most therapists are not yet using this tool to effectively communicate to their prospective clients.

  7. Video can help you stand out as an expert.  If you have more than one video (different videos on different pages of your site), you could even dominate the first several listings of a prospective client’s  search results.  What might this mean for you?  It means that your prospective client could instantly view you as  the expert that they want to see.   When  prospective clients visit your website with videos, they will be able to learn more about you, your experience, your theoretical approach, and likely be excited when they see that you have more video and written content for them to review.         


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