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Do More with Client Self-Scheduling

Online client self-scheduling is quickly becoming a trend in the healthcare industry.  With the click of a mouse, clients can schedule new appointments or change their appointments to a new time instantly.  Could client self-scheduling be one of the greatest digital advances for your practice since the invention of the computer?  To answer this question, it would be best to take a look at how client self-scheduling can benefit your client and you, the clinician.

In today's technological world, your clients are computer savvy.  Even the older generations are finding their way to tablets, iPhones, and Kindles.  The modern client is online most of the day, texting more than dialing, and acquiring printed media on small digital devices.  We have learned that we can do more and have more with less time and less space.  We can do almost anything on computers and smart phones 24/7.  As such, online client self-scheduling is what clients will come to expect.  Gone are the days where your client wants to look up your phone number, call to make an appointment, leave a message, and wait for a return call.  Client self-scheduling is about providing clients with the opportunity to control their outcomes, multi-task, and save time. 

As a psychotherapist in a small or medium-sized practice, you are always looking for ways to increase your income, decrease your overhead, and provide great service to your clients.  Adding client self-scheduling can help you reduce the number of hours you or your administrative staff spend on the phone, freeing up valuable time to see more clients or tending to other office-related tasks.  Existing clients can access your pre-set availability to make or change appointments.  New clients can create their own accounts, complete the necessary intake forms, enter personal information and insurance details, and set appointments.  It is a win-win situation.        

While convenience, client expectation, and business growth are certainly important factors in deciding to add online client self-scheduling, some therapists feel that it could take away from the patient-therapist relationship, or give the clients too much control over the Therapists Can Do More with Client Self-Scheduling - Argonaut Softwareschedule.  In truth, online client self-scheduling is a feature that you can offer to clients, but every client has the option to decide which form of communication they would prefer to have with you, be it online or on the phone.  By creating a customized availability calendar that is different than your practice-wide calendar and designed for client self-scheduling only, you are providing clients with a convenient resource to interact with your practice in the way that they feel most comfortable.       

Having the world at our fingertips has changed the way we interact and do business.  Offering online client self-scheduling empowers your clients by giving them a choice of how they want to do business with you and your practice.


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