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How Do I Upload a Client's File?

"How do I upload my client's file to Argonaut?  When I scan the documents before trying to upload the file, the file is a 2MB file.  What do I do?"

Chip Credit Card vs. Stripe Credit CardMost scanners are set to high-resolution settings suitable for photo scanning, but unnecessary for document scanning.  These high-resolution default settings create large file sizes that are difficult to email or upload to secure storage websites, like Argonaut.  You will want to check your scanner settings to make sure you have decreased to a resolution that is acceptable for document scanning.  Try changing your scanner to produce a pdf document in 300dpi and black and white.  Here is a side by side comparison:

7 page document scanned in grayscale at 300dpi is 2.81 MB
7 page document scanned in color at 300dpi is 4MB
7 page document scanned in black and white at 300dpi is 388 kb



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