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New Client Self-Registration Link

New client self-registration feature"Can new clients create their own client profiles and schedule their first appointments with me, without ever contacting me?"

Yes!  Upon request, an Argonaut representative can create your customized New Client Registration HTML code that you can embed into your website or blog quickly and easily.  Clients will see the new link and be directed to create their new client profiles with the option to schedule their first appointment based on your availability.

"How is this different than client-self scheduling?"

Client self-scheduling is for existing clients who already have client profiles with usernames and passwords in your Argonaut account. The New Client Self-Registration Link is for clients who would like to set a first appointment, but have not reached out to you directly to set that first appointment. Learn more about the benefits of client self-scheduling here.

"How does it work?"
Step 1:  Contact us at and request the customized code for a New Client Registration link.

Step 2:  An Argonaut representative will email you the customized HTML code.

Step 3:  Embed the code into your website and/or blog on the page or pages you wish to have the link appear to your prospective clients.  If you have access to your website's content management system's HTML or source code editor, you can do it yourself.  You can also forward the email with the code to your website designer.

Step 4: Run a test by creating a fake client profile to familiarize yourself with the feature.



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