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Argonaut Separates Your Progress Notes from Your Psychotherapy Notes

Taking Psychotherapy Notes OnlineWe often hear our Argonaut users wondering what the difference is between the Progress Note field and the Psychotherapy Note field.  Being keenly aware of the client confidentiality requirements, Argonaut designers separated these note fields from one another to allow practitioners the flexibility of restricting completely private and confidential notes in the Psychotherapy Note field, while the less sensitive information in the Progress Note field remains more widely accessible. 

The Progress Note field is useful for creating a patient healthcare record documenting the client’s overall treatment, progress, symptoms, diagnosis, and issues related to treatment.  This is the official patient medical record.  Should it become necessary, the client’s record can be viewed by certain authorized parties, like insurance companies, attorneys, and judges.     

The Psychotherapy Note field allows practitioners to keep private details private, and easily achieve compliance with HIPAA’s requirement that certain notes remain separate from the patient’s medical record.  This wonderful tool provides therapists with the ability to record both specific aspects of a confidential conversation with the client, as well as his or her own analytical assessments of those conversations. 

Argonaut makes it easy to keep Progress Notes and Psychotherapy Notes separate from one another by providing each with their own clearly marked data entry fields, both of which are accessible on the Session Details page.  Argonaut’s “Complete Treatment History” button, available on each patient’s Client Records page, makes it easy to produce top-level treatment information reports for use by insurance companies and other authorized parties without divulging confidential client details.  To learn more about how Argonaut can help you effectively and expeditiously organize Progress Notes and Psychotherapy Notes, view our short video “Adding Clinical Notes for Clients.”


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