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Transitioning to the New CPT Codes

2013 CPT Code ChangesNow you know all about the changes in the CPT Codes. Some have been deleted. Some have been added. Some have been streamlined. Some are more restrictive. The questions is, how do you remember all of the changes? Should you make a list and have it handy on your desk? Do you prefer to memorize all of the new codes? If you weren't using Argonaut, this might be exactly what you would consider doing. 

Argonaut is making the transition to the new CPT Codes simple. We will be updating our system with a list of the new CPT Codes for January 1, 2013. After a session, users will be able to document the correct Code with the click of a button from the available drop-down menu. The changeover from old to new CPT Codes will be seamless, and you won't have to try and memorize all of the new codes. 

We understand that there may also be a need to access the old CPT Codes for your pre-2013 client sessions. For a limited time, we will have the old CPT Codes available, as well.  



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