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Unlimited Training and Customer Support

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a computer-related task, only to realize that you can't move forward until you resolve your hardware or software issue? Then, when you go to the company's website, you are led through aEHR with Unlimited Training and Customer Support  | Argonaut Software maze of Frequently Asked Questions on a Support page, only to be more frustrated by the fact that you have wasted 20 minutes and are no closer to resolving your problem? 

Argonaut is different! We believe in providing the highest level of customer service. Sure, we have over 30 video tutorials to help you learn how to maneuver through the more common features of the software.  But Argonaut stands apart from most software companies in that we provide you with unlimited direct access to our customer relations specialists by phone or email during business days and cell phone access on weekends. If you are new to Argonaut and would like an in-depth training, contact us at to schedule a 1-hour introductory training.  Need more help after that?  We are here to help!


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