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Frequently Asked Questions:
TherapyNotes Partnership for Existing Argonaut Customers

Argonaut Software has partnered with TherapyNotes to provide the best mental health practice management solution available, combining the best of both products under the TherapyNotes name. If you have been a previous customer of Argonaut Software, we have created a conversion process that will get you up and working quickly with improved performance, features, and ease-of-use. Below please find answers to your specific questions.

What's happening?

For the past year or so, we at Argonaut have been searching for the best way to provide our customers with more modern features and an updated and quicker user interface. Argonaut was the first online practice management system. We paved the way for psychotherapists nationwide to experience the benefits of, and learn about, the security of using web-based software to carry out the day-to-day tasks of running a modern and efficient mental health counseling practice. In the last few years, we've had several worthy competitors come along providing similar practice-enhancing services. In some cases, our competitors provided great features that Argonaut did not yet have, and these competitors started off with the most current user interfaces that were more up-to-date.

We eventually recognized that the best way to serve our customers would be to partner with one of these competitors and provide a transition path from Argonaut's current software to a more updated and feature-rich offering of one of our competitors.

After a rigorous search, we identified TherapyNotes as the practice management system which most closely aligned with Argonaut's values and goals, and which provided the best feature set and user interface, including signficant additional features, such as calendar syncing, flexible accounting, and customizable appointment reminders (amongst others), that many of you have been requesting.

What do I need to do?

Simply click on the "Upgrade to TherapyNotes" link in the upper right-hand corner or along the left-hand side of any Argonaut web page, and you will see simple step-by-step instructions on how to convert your account to TherapyNotes.

Are my records safe?

Your records are safe. Everything will remain the same with Argonaut, your account, and how it works until after you upgrade to TherapyNotes and your data is transferred, or until we discontinue service on December 15, 2016.

Will all my records be transferred over?

Your patient information, patient contacts, clinical information (including Session Notes, Psychotherapy Notes, General Notes, Treatment Plan and Treatment Plan History, Diagnoses and Diagnosis History, and Medications and Medications History), uploaded patient files, and insurance payer information, will all be transferred over.

Billing data, upcoming appointments, and eForms cannot be transferred over. This is due to fundamental differences between the Argonaut and TherapyNotes systems that preclude accurate conversion.

What do I do about records that don't transfer over?

Billing data can be exported from Argonaut by saving the Charges and Payments pages as PDF files (instructions below), and attaching them to the client account in TherapyNotes. Additionally, billing data is also available in your Practice Data Export file which you will receive when you upgrade to TherapyNotes. The billing data in the Practice Data Export file for each client can be saved separately and attached to the client account in TherapyNotes.

eForms can also be saved as PDF files from Argonaut. Once you have saved an eForm as a PDF from Argonaut, go into your TherapyNotes account and attached the file to your client's record in TherapyNotes.

To save an Argonaut page as a PDF file:
All browser versions from the past few years have a built-in way to save web pages as PDF files. In Argonaut, navigate to the Charges page, Payments page, or eForm you would like to bring over to TherapyNotes. From the browser's menu, choose "Print". There will be a way in the Print dialog to save as PDF. It may be by choosing a different printer called "Save As PDF", or there may a completely independent option in the Print dialog to save as PDF. If you are having difficulty saving as PDF, google "print to PDF from <your browser>" or "save to PDF from <your browser>". For example:

print to PDF from Safari

save to PDF from Chrome

Will my subscription fee change?

Argonaut fees will remain in effect until you have upgraded to TherapyNotes, or you have notified us of your cancellation, or Argonaut discontinues service. You will not be charged for your first 30 days after upgrading to TherapyNotes. TherapyNotes regular prices are cheaper than Argonaut's regular prices.

What about the money I've already paid to Argonaut for my subscription?

Argonaut subscription fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis as of the date of your upgrade to TherapyNotes, or as of the date of your cancellation, or as of the date Argonaut discontinues service.

What will be better after the transition?

TherapyNotes provides many more easy-to-use features with a more modern user interface, and is quicker. We're pretty sure you'll like it!

How much does TherapyNotes cost?

It depends on the structure of your practice, but TherapyNotes' regular pricing is less expensive in general than Argonaut's regular pricing.

How can I make sure there's no break in my ability to charge my clients' credit cards?

TherapyNotes has long had full credit card processing services. While there may be a delay of a few days in getting your new credit card processing going, afterwards your service will be quicker.

How can I make sure there's no break in being able to make appointments, take session notes, and take and track payments?

Argonaut and TherapyNotes will schedule a date that's convenient for you for your records conversion. Before that date, you'll be able to use Argonaut normally. After that date, you'll be able to use TherapyNotes normally.

What is the recommended transition plan?

Please see TherapyNotes' easy guide to upgrading from Argonaut to TherapyNotes.

When will the transition become effective?

Argonaut and TherapyNotes will schedule your records conversion date with you. Before that date, you'll be able to use Argonaut normally. After that date, you'll be able to use TherapyNotes normally.

What if I want to keep using Argonaut?

You can keep using Argonaut until we discontinue services on December 15, 2016.

What's the last date I'll still be able to use Argonaut?

December 15, 2016.

Will the new software be easy to use?

TherapyNotes is super-easy to use. Most therapists have reported that it's even easier to use than Argonaut.

What kind of help can I get learning the new software as quickly as possible?

TherapyNotes would like to set up a personal Getting Started session with you, where a member of TherapyNotes support team will guide you through the process of beginning to use TherapyNotes. They also have a Getting Started guide, an online Knowledge Base, and top-notch Customer Support.

I run a group practice that's with Argonaut, can my group transfer over together?

Yes. One user should create an account, and that user can create additional users from their account. Unlike with Argonaut, there is no need to sign up for additional free trials and wait for a separate request to Customer Support to link the account. All additional accounts can be created by you from within your first account.