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Simplify the business of running your practice!

Argonaut is a web-based practice management system that allows you to perform the diverse tasks of running your psychotherapy practice using one integrated tool.

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Web Based EHRWeb Based EHRFinances and Client Account ManagementsAppointments and SchedulingElectronic Forms for a Paperless OfficeEncrypted Client Portal24/7 Web Access

Secure Data Storage and BackupIntegrated Credit Card ProcessingPrint Fully Complete CMS 1500 Insurance FormsGroup Practice ManagementActivity RemindersUnlimited Customer SupportUnlimited Customer Support


Therapist Billing eClaims

Process and Submit Insurance Claims Instantly

Expedite your insurance claims with integrated electronic processing. Streamline your finances with practice manaagement and insurance claim processing all-in-one.

EHR - Electronic Health Records

Enter and Maintain Electronic Health Records

Your clients' Electronic Health Records (EHR) are maintained in Argonaut's easy-to-manage software.

Finances and Accounting

Monitor Business Finances Related to Client Appointments

Billing and processing is the lifeline to your business, and your income. Argonaut's financial systems help you instantly generate Superbills and Statements and record and track client payments, insurance payments, income reports, and past-due accounts.

Appointment Calendar

Schedule and Manage Client Appointments

Setting appointments and managing your schedule is always at your fingertips. Log in from any web-based smartphone, tablet, or computer to view your schedule, while personal reminders let you know when it's time to go into the office for your next appointment.

Electronic Forms

Powerful, Customizable eForms for a Truly Paperless Office

Electronic forms can save you time and help you provide better service to your client, not to mention help you create a paperless office. It's a fact, emailing your new client the intake forms and having your client submit the paper forms to you during the initial session takes time away from you and your client, and demands more and more storage space for your file cabinets. Argonaut has revolutionized this process by developing digital e-Forms!

Encrypted Client Portal

Permission-based, Secure, and Encrypted Client Portal

Now your clients can have access to information about their Electronic Health Record (EHR) inside of a securely encrypted web-based environment. By providing your clients with a username and password, they can update their contact information, complete your e-Forms before the next appointment, and more, giving you more time to see more clients.

24/7 Web Access

24/7 Web Based Access

Argonaut's Practice Management System is web-based. This means you can access every powerful feature from any computer, any tablet, and any smartphone with internet access, at any time of the day or night.

Secure Data Storage

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Storage & Backup of Your Data

Argonaut is the HIPAA-compliant data storage solution you have been looking for in a Practice Management Software system. Argonaut is fully secure, confidential, and encrypted. Only you can access your data!

Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card Processing without a Merchant Account

Accepting and processing credit cards means getting paid faster for your services. You don't have to apply for a separate merchant account with Argonaut's integrated Credit Card Processing Service.

CMS 1500 Insurance Forms

Instantly Generate and Print CMS-1500 Insurance Forms

Manually completing CMS-1500 forms can be exhausting. Having to repeatedly enter the same client information after every session is time you are not spending seeing more clients and making more money. Argonaut helps you to generate and print complete forms with a single click.

Group Practice Management

Manage Your Agency or Group Practice

Operating an agency or group practice can be complicated and time consuming. Argonaut helps to take the pain out of group practice administration by adding unique group capabilities geared toward managing multiple appointment calendars, and digitally connecting interns with their respective supervisors.

Activity Reminders

Activity Reminders for Session Notes and Payment Processing

Daily tasks are an important part of your business, but sometimes you just can't get to them immediately. Argonaut helps to keep you organized by automatically generating calendar-based reminders of those tasks. After every appointment, you can quickly see all of the activities still pending for that session. You will never forget to enter a Progress Note or charge your client for a session.

Unlimited Customer Support

Unparalleled Customer Service and Unlimited Free Training

Argonaut provides free unlimited customer service and training to every Argonaut subscriber. We believe in providing excellent customer service, and we do this by listening to our customer's needs, questions, and requests. In addition, we have provided tools and video trainings that cover every aspect of the software.

Document Storage

Upload and Store Client-Related Documents

Argonaut's document management provides HIPAA-compliant, free storage of your client's mental health documents. Your subscription includes an unlimited number of uploaded and stored files.