Upgrade to TherapyNotes

Therapy Practice Management Software

Welcome Argonauts to TherapyNotes!

Dear Argonaut customers:

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with TherapyNotes, LLC to offer Argonaut customers an upgrade path to TherapyNotes, a comprehensive online practice management and EMR software solution for behavioral health professionals. Argonaut Software will discontinue service on December 15, so we urge our customers to contact TherapyNotes as soon as possible to begin the conversion process and enjoy all that TherapyNotes has to offer.

For the past year or so, we at Argonaut have been searching for the best way to provide our customers with more modern features and an updated user interface. After extensive research and significant consideration, forming a partnership with TherapyNotes and transitioning our customers to a more modern and more streamlined system became the clear solution. TherapyNotes, LLC was founded in 2010 by a licensed clinical psychologist and an expert software developer, and TherapyNotes has since become the system of choice for thousands of practices across the country. Argonaut and TherapyNotes share the same commitment to unparalleled customer support, providing practices with an efficient and streamlined solution for practice management, and offering a system which ensures improved practice organization, a better way to serve your clients, and, most importantly, peace of mind. The software offers a secure and streamlined solution for scheduling, a robust notes system, extensive billing features, a client portal, and integrated credit card processing. TherapyNotes is certified HIPAA- and PCI-compliant to ensure that all of your records and data remain secure.

A conversion process is being offered to current Argonaut customers free of charge, whereby the TherapyNotes team will migrate much of your existing data from Argonaut to TherapyNotes. New TherapyNotes practices will receive 1 free month of service. Thereafter, TherapyNotes pricing, which is documented on TherapyNotes.com, is significantly less than Argonaut's pricing in nearly all circumstances.


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