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Faster, More Powerful, and Even More Reliable Than Ever

Faster, More Reliable Practice Management Software for PsychotherapistsSpeed, accessibility, and reliability are some of the most important features that therapists look for in a Practice Management System.  As such, we have made Argonaut faster, more powerful, and even more reliable than ever before. 

Within the last few months, the Development Team at Argonaut has been installing new servers and enhancing the emergency power backup system at the corporate headquarters.  What do these upgrades mean for our Argonaut customers?  The faster servers provide smoother transitions, with minimal wait time, while navigating between pages.   The enhancements in the power backup system will maintain customer accessibility for a continuous 12 hours should a power outage occur near or around the Data Center.  According to Buck Melton, Chief Operating Officer at Argonaut, “We have always met the gold standard of internet connectivity and reliability, and now we are exceeding industry standards and expectations with our faster servers and the emergency backup enhancement.”