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April 2016

Catapult Your Psychotherapy Practice to Success with Mentors

Leadership in Psychotherapy PracticeWhen you were a student learning to become a therapist, mentors usually came in the form of teachers, professors, and supervisors.  Upon obtaining  your degree, and later, licensure, you looked forward to the next career phase.  Should you go to work for an existing practice or an agency, should you open your own practice, or should you join forces with other therapists to start a mega practice? No matter where your goals have led you, and no matter where your goals are leading you, a mentor can provide guidance in every phase of your career.  A mentor has already walked down that road, made some mistakes, learned from those mistakes, and now possesses the wisdom to help you reach your goals. 

Here are some tips on the who, what, when, where, how, and why to find a mentor:

Who is the right mentor?
There are different skill sets that you may want to explore throughout your career, and different mentors can be valuable for different reasons at different stages of your professional development.

  • Professional Mentor:  This is usually what we think about when we first consider trying to find a mentor.  The professional mentor is someone who has already successfully attained the goal to which you are striving.
  • Business Mentor:  This may be the same person as your professional mentor, but it can also be someone who is singularly focused on helping you develop your business, from the formulation of your business plan, to the implementation of your business structure, and right on through to the forecasting of your business revenue and budgeting.
  • Peer Mentor:  We all need someone in our lives who shares the same experiences, while in search of the same goals.  A peer mentor is more of a confidant with whom you share those parallels. 
  • Leadership Mentor:  Being a leader is much different than being an employee or even a business owner.  Learning leadership skills from a mentor can help you throughout any phase of your life and career.
  • Emotional Mentor:  Hopefully, you have a therapist that helps you maintain balance through it all. 

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How do I...?

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"I want to be able to offer a convenient service to my cash-paying clients whereby I submit their reimbursement claims directly to their insurance company.  How would I do this in way that the insurance pays them directly?"

The simple answer is ...READ MORE

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