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January 2013

7 Reasons Why You Can't Write a Blog7 Reasons Why You Can't Write a Blog

By now you have all heard that if you are in private practice, and if you are looking to attract new clients, you should be blogging on your website.  Blogging is one of the least expensive ways to get yourself found on the internet, and one of the best ways to increase your new client revenue.  Since blogging is both cheap and effective, why is it that most therapists in private practice aren't blogging? 

1. I don't understand why blogging helps me attract new clients:  When you create your own blog, you are creating original content online.  Original content helps to increase your search engine ranking just by the fact that you are writing something that has never been published before.  Search engines will recognize the originality on the content of your blog and index your blog for potential readers to find.  When someone enters keywords that match the content in your blog post, the search engine will provide the person with a list of relevant links, a.k.a. search results, and your blog post may be in the list.

2.  I don't have time to write:...READ MORE

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Increase Your Income by Accepting Credit Cards

Increase Your Income by Accepting Credit CardsAs a psychotherapist you can now easily realize the income-boosting advantages of the credit card payment revolution!  For years, online small businesses have reaped the benefitsof accepting credit cards.  According to Visa International, credit card payments have provided web-based sellers the  ability to increase sales and boost their bottom lines by 30-70%.  This extra income would not have been possible if the customer had been limited to paying by cash or check.  Considering that psychotherapy practices are not online retailers, and that many therapists don't sell anything outside of therapy services, how can accepting credit cards really benefit a psychotherapy practice and help boost the practice's income?  Here's how...

Eliminate non-payment.  In a lecture at the American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention, Dr. Jan Willer, author of The Beginning Psychotherapist's Companion, emphasized the benefits of keeping your client's credit card information on file, and recommends requesting credit card information as part of your...READ MORE

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