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January 2016

Making Sense of Your Therapy Practice Leadership Vision

Leadership in Psychotherapy PracticeEvery private practice has a leader, even a solo practice.  For anyone who owns, manages, or is considering starting a private practice, developing leadership skills could be the difference between success or failure.  We have all heard the clichés about what it means to be a good leader:  be decisive, hire great people, be a good delegator, listen to your team, share your vision, and be inspirational.  Actually implementing these tactics into your daily practice management routine, however, can be a challenge. 

Every year the nature of private practice is evolving.  Changes in insurance coverage, regulations, technology, office staff, practice structure, and marketing needs are just a few factors that can complicate managing a private practice every single day. 

When the practice is in constant flux, and you feel like the walls are caving in, how can you really be that ever-inspirational leader?

Being decisive:  Making smart decisions may not be easy, but the success of your practice depends upon them.  Believing in your goals and maintaining a passion for your business can drive good decisions and drive your team members to make smart decisions, as well.  While you push yourself and your staff forward, however, you must also be ready to address mistakes and the problems that may arise.  Good leaders recognize that everyone makes mistakes, and great leaders take accountability for all mistakes, even those of others. 

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COMING SOON: Secure, 2-Way Client-Therapist Messaging

2-Way Secure Client-Therapist Messaging

Argonaut will soon be releasing its secure, two-way client-therapist messaging system, to be integrated into the existing encrypted, password protected client portal.  Clients and therapists will be able to communicate within the Client Portal's secure web-mail platform.  Argonaut is the only web-based Practice Management system for Psychotherapists to have this essential communication tool.

Argonaut News

CAMFT LogoArgonaut Approved (Again!) as the Exclusive Practice Management System for CAMFT Members

Happy New Year! Argonaut is starting off the year with great news from California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).  We have been re-chosen to be the only practice management system to be included in the CAMFT Member Benefit program.  CAMFT is one of the world's largest mental health professional organizations, and we are pleased to be able to offer our services to their 31,000+ members. 4 years ago, CAMFT chose to include Argonaut as an Affinity Partner in the program. This past December, we were asked to submit a new proposal to be vetted against our competitors and Argonaut succeeded to remain CAMFT's recommended practice management system. We thank the staff and board members at CAMFT for choosing Argonaut, once again! Click here to learn more about the CAMFT Affinity Partnership.

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