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July 2013

When is the Right Time to Start Using Electronic Insurance Claim Filing?

Having a private practice means you are also running a business.  Running a sound business requires efficient integration of structure and procedure in order to maximize revenue and minimize expenses.  If you have opted to accept insurance as part of your business model, then figuring out the best, and fastest, way to get paid is always on your mind. 

There are several different ways to process insurance claims, from using a clearinghouse to employing mental health billing services Electronic Claims for Mental Health

Electronic Claims with Clearinghouses:  Clearinghouses provide a one-stop solution to processing insurance claims, no matter how many contracts you have with insurance companies.  If the clearinghouse is integrated into your practice management software, submitting claims can be completed with a single click. There is usually a reasonable fee for these services, which is more than paid back through simpler claim management and increased reimbursement.  The purpose of insurance clearinghouses is to reduce paperwork, claim filing errors, time spent following up with insurance carriers, and claim rejections, all while getting paid faster.  On average, electronic claims are processed within 14 days.     

Mailing your claims:  Another option is printing out your own CMS-1500 forms from your practice management system or completing the forms by hand, and then...READ MORE

Argonaut Does That?

Practice Management Software for New Psychotherapists"I'm brand new in private practice . Do you have any discounts for a newbie?"

The good news is YES!

Argonaut offers several different discount programs for mental health practitioners who are in different stages of their careers and practice goals.  For practitioners who are just getting started with their private practice, we have designed the "Getting Off the Ground Program" that starts at 60% off of the published pricing plans.  This affordable subscription helps therapists create a paperless foundation using Web-based Scheduling, Client Records, and Client Finances, Electronic Forms, Automated Reminders, and more. 

Here is the pricing plan for the “Getting Off the Ground Program" using Promotion Code...READ MORE

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Argonaut eClaims Update

Argonaut eClaims UpdateIn August, Argonaut will be releasing the new Electronic Insurance Claims feature.  The new insurance eClaims feature will provide Argonaut customers the ability to submit insurance claims for a client with a single click. 

To celebrate this new feature release, we will be announcing a special eClaims pricing program through our Facebook page for our Facebook followers only! 

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