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March 2012

9 Tips to Maximize Your Business Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions for Your Psychotherapy Practice - Argonaut SoftwareTax season is upon us yet again, and as business owners, many therapists are often too busy to remember all of the expenses that were associated with running a psychotherapy practice last year.  Whether your accounting system is an old shoebox filled with paid bills and receipts waiting for your accountant to organize, or whether you track all of your expenses and income with practice management or professional accounting software, the fact still remains that some business expenses usually end up being accidentally overlooked.  Here are 9 tips to help you remember some of those easily forgotten expenses and maximize your business deductions:*

  1. Travel expenses related to continued education:  When you travel for business or to earn continuing education units (CEUs), you can usually deduct most of the expenses related to your travel, including airfare, cabs, lodging, and the cost of the continuing education seminar, as well as 50% of your expenses for meals and business-related entertainment.
  2. Tax preparation services:  Having an accountant or tax preparation service is an expense that helps your business achieve...READ MORE
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Do More with Client Self-Scheduling

Convenient Online Client Self-Scheduling for Psychotherapists Online client self-scheduling is quickly becoming a trend in the healthcare industry.  With the click of a mouse, clients can schedule new appointments or change their appointments to a new time instantly.  Could client self-scheduling be one of the greatest digital advances for your practice since the invention of the computer?  To answer this question, it would be best to take a look at how client self-scheduling can benefit your client and you, the clinician.

In today's technological world, your clients are computer savvy.  Even the older generations are finding their way to tablets, iPhones, and Kindles.  The modern client is online most of the day, texting more than dialing, and acquiring printed media on small digital devices.  We have learned...READ MORE


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Argonaut and CAMFT Announce New Affinity Partnership

Argonaut Software Announces Partnership with CAMFTArgonaut is pleased to announce the formation of a new Affinity Program partnership with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT)!

"Argonaut has worked hand-in-hand with CAMFT over the past four years to provide its members with special members-only discounts, introduced at CAMFT's Annual Conferences," said Argonaut Director of Marketing and Sales, Suzy Morales, "and the launching of this Affiliate Program partnership is an exciting development that will now provide year-round benefits to CAMFT members." 

CAMFT representative Jill Epstein, Executive Director, went on to say that, "CAMFT is pleased to be affiliated with Argonaut Software as this will enable CAMFT to offer a well-established and widely-used practice management software product to our members at a competitive price.  We look forward to the partnership."

 To learn more about CAMFT membership or the benefits associated with the Argonaut Affinity Program partnership with CAMFT, please visit