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March 2013

Energizing Your iPad or Tablet for Your Mental Health Practice

The trend toward transforming iPads and tablets into major business tools is on the rise.  Since the release of the first generation iPad in 2010, users have been streaming videos and watching movies, listening to music, keeping up with global news, relaxing with a good book, surfing the web, connecting with friends on social media, catching up on email, and mobile gaming. Now, with the proliferation of Applications, or "apps" available, professionals are beginning to realize the value of integrating iPads and tablets into the business side of your mental health practice. 

Engergize Your iPad for Mental Health PracticeHere are a few tips on ways to use an iPad or tablet to help streamline, and modernize, your practice:

1. Waiting Room Intake:  Have your clients complete your web-based Intake eForms on a tablet in your waiting room using instead of a paper intake package.  By having your clients complete electronic Intake Forms, you can decrease your office file cabinet space, or avoid having to scan and upload these PHI files to a HIPAA-compliant storage source.

2.  Wireless Printing:  A wireless printer gives you the freedom of printing directly from your iPad or tablet using...READ MORE

How Do I...

...Hide My Clients' Names on My Calendar?

"Clients often see my computer monitor when they are scheduling their next appointment.  My concern is that the names of my clients on are the calendar.  How can maintain client privacy and confidentiality on my calendar?"Confidential Mental Health Files

The best way to maintain client privacy and confidentiality, in situations where clients may see your calendar, is to assign each client file a "Display Name" in the Client Contact Information page.  This allows you to schedule appointments without the fear of revealing your clients' identities.  You may want to create a Display Name pattern that helps you recognize the client without having to click further into their file.  For example, use the first letter of the last name followed by first two letters of the first name (e.g. "Anne O" becomes "OAn").

If you are using an iPad or tablet, you can...READ MORE

Argonaut News

Argonaut eClaims on the Horizon

Argonaut eClaims on the horizonArgonaut is gearing up to offer our customers a new one-click eClaims insurance billing option.  We have partnered with a popular clearinghouse to bring you an integrated insurance billing solution.  Soon, Argonaut users will be able to add eClaims to their existing Argonaut account as an optional tool.  This electronic mental health billing software for insurance feature will enhance the client financial management system, adding to the auto-populating CMS-1500, Superbill, and Client Statement.  If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming feature add-on, or becoming a Beta Tester for eClaim insurance claims processing, please contact us at 


Automated Password Reset Tool

Password and Recovery Reset Tool

To maintain the highest level of security, Argonaut usernames and passwords are both case sensitive, but sometimes we accidentally type an incorrect character or realize our Caps Lock is on and inadvertently get locked out of our account after several attempts. There are also those times when we simply forget our password.  We have released a new tool that will help you to reset your account.  The new tool will use information in your account to confirm your identity as the therapist on record with Argonaut before you can reset your password.  If you find yourself locked out or unable to remember your username or password, we hope you will find this new tool to be useful!