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May 2012

Top Smartphone Apps for Therapists by Miranda Palmer, LMFT

Therapist Using Smartphone to Access Apps for Mental Health Therapy | Argonaut SoftwareThose old mobile phones that have served therapists for so many years are slowly breaking and dying. Technophobic therapists everywhere are being "encouraged" to upgrade to Smartphones, whether it be an Android, a Blackberry, or an iPhone. While they may quickly decide it is nice to be able to check email, most of them are not sure what all the fuss is about. I am going to share a few Apps (or mini software programs) that are available free or cheap on your Smartphone that may just get you finally saying to yourself, "A-hah! I get it now." 

Smartphone apps are about making your life easier, but have you ever thought about using an app in your clinical practice? Remember, your clients are currently using those Smartphones to buy merchandise, have text fights, get bullied, and procrastinate. Let's help them shift their phone into something that is actually healthy for them! 
These are 5 of my favorite apps for therapists: 

1. MoodyMe: Tired of clients not following through with tracking moods or baseline symptoms?  MoodyMe is a free app that makes it easy and private for clients to track moods, exercise, medication, sleep, and several other variables. Available on iPhone and Android. 

2. PTSD Coach: This program is absolutely fantastic!...READ MORE


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Are Your Passwords Truly Secure?

Creating Secure Passwords for Mental Health Records  | Argonaut SoftwareChoosing a password for a personal email or Facebook account is an important part of keeping curious eyes out of our personal lives. But choosing a password to protect your client healthcare files is not just important, it is absolutely critical. The security of your files is only as safe as the password you create for the account. 

Have you ever taken a good look at all of your passwords and asked yourself if your accounts are truly secure?  

Hackers use various creative tools to access people's accounts. One of the factors they count on is that most people choose a username and password and use it across all of their accounts. While many corporate websites, like Argonaut, have encrypting password protecting software, other smaller companies may not be as secure. So the last time you signed up to shop on an e-commerce site, or logged in to an online forum to post a comment, you may have inadvertently opened the door...READ MORE


Argonaut News

New Feature: Customized Service Descriptions

Earlier this month Argonaut announced features upgrades to its CPT coding capability, with the ability to create custom Service Descriptions, and recurring appointment-setting functionality for groups, families, and couples. The goal of these enhancements is to continue the Argonaut tradition of developing a system that helps counselors and therapists streamline the business side of running a practice.

With the new CPT coding upgrade with Service Description customization, users can still use the existing drop down menu to designate an industry-accepted reimbursable code for a session. Now users also have the capability to create their own service codes and descriptions. The ability to customize codes gives offices the flexibility to implement practice-specific coding, as needed by the counselor or therapist, outside of the standardized CPT codes. For example, if you occasionally provide legal or mediation services which you bill for, but which are not reimbursable by insurance, you can now put in a Service Description such as "Legal Consult", "Mediation Services", "Deposition", instead of a CPT Code. The Service Description you specify will show up on the Client Statement just like a reimbursable CPT Code.

For more details about these new features upgrades and other recent enhancements, please email us at