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October 2013

Insurance eClaims Processing Now Available

Streamline your finances with practice management and integrated insurance claim processing all-in-one.  This one-step eClaims billing feature delivers everything you need to process claims in seconds, directly from Argonaut.

Get Started by October 31, 2013 and eClaims will be completely free for 2 months, plus $200 set-up fee is waived.   

Simple, Smart, and FastIntegrated Insurance Electronic Claims

  • Save time with direct electronic submission with a single click.
  • Get paid faster with an average 94% first-time claim acceptance.
  • Simplify the finances of your practice and increase efficiency.
  • Reduce paper filing.
  • Stop going to multiple insurance websites to submit claims. 
  • Maintain all client billing information on your therapist billing software account, without adding external billing services.
  • Flexible account options: Basic Electronic Claims, Electronic Remittance Advice, and Eligibility Verification.

eClaim Processing Packages start at $19.50 per month.  

Learn More about Integrated eClaims Pricing and Rates for eClaims Get Starting with Argonaut and eClaims


You Are a One-Person Practice, Now What?:
Practice Management Solutions For a Small Practice

Director of Marketing
Vice President of Public Relations
Blogger & Web Content Author
Office Administrator
Chief Operations Officer

With all those jobs, who has time to be a Psychotherapist?


Given the fact that 99% of all psychotherapists are not trained CPAs and business experts, how do you perform all of these essential tasks and still see clients during the day? Well, maybe you shouldn't. There are many tools and practice management solutions available to psychotherapists to help streamline and systemize the work involved in building and running a practice, the implementation of which can dramatically decrease your workload and corresponding stress level. Here are a few tips on how to manage all those hats:

Marketing and Public Relations: This might just be your most important first step.  Now that you have "built it," you may have quickly learned that this does not necessarily mean that "they will come." There are so many resources online to help you learn about dozens of marketing ideas and concepts, but the time involved to sift through it all may dissuade you from their full implementation. To properly market your practice, you may want to consider building your own search engine optimized website, spreading the word with social media, becoming a speaker at your association events, establishing a strong referral network, offering your expertise on local radio and TV talk shows, signing up for online directories, and getting started with insurance (or not).  The great news is that you don't have to do it all alone...READ MORE


How do I...?

"...manage payments for a couple who want to pay separately for a session and want separate receipts?"

Couples and families can often require flexibility in the way you process payment for family sessions. It is not uncommon for client payment structures to change during the course of treatment. Some clients, for example, may decide at the outset of treatment that one of the partners will pay all of the fees for the couple’s treatment, only to later determine that the fees should be split among the partners.  Further complicating this matter is the way your client statements, superbills, and receipts should represent each of the payers as individuals reflecting exact fees paid by each person.  Argonaut is designed to be flexible, allowing your clients to designate a new payer at each session, split the payment, or change payer responsibility for future sessions.  In addition, you can generate client statements, superbills, and receipts from within the system to represent the correct amount each person has paid.   This flexibility decreases stresses on clients and practitioners alike, and allows practitioners to shift more of the focus to providing treatment, the reason you became a psychotherapist in the first place.



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